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*Cockatrice Noises*

I hate this model. I absolutely loathe this model. I ‘kinda’ wanted to use it for a Storms of Magic Fantasy game so I picked one up at a discount. It was finecast. It had 2 of the largest air bubbles I have ever seen and nearly all the parts were warped. I used Green Stuff to fill in the gaps and re-sculpt a large section of the tail. When I finally built it, the paint wouldn’t go on evenly, it nearly broke, and I nearly broke it further. By the time it actually hit the table to play, it was nuked off the board turn 1…

I hate this model…

Frost Dragon

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*Dragon Noises*

This model was so much fun to build and paint! It was originally going to be a fire dragon (I do so like the color red), but since I was going to be primarily playing against tomb kings I thought it might be a little unfair (their entire army book is flammable).

The paint job was incredibly easy. Prime white, blue ink, dry brush white, dry brush blue, dry brush different blue. I had an extra Archer of Gondor, so I threw him on the base to make it more interesting. He doesn’t seem to be having a good time though.

Skaven Screaming Bell

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The bell wreaks havoc across the battlefield, leaving only death in it’s wake. Destruction knows no allies.

This is possibly one of my favorite models which I’ve painted. I took the better part of a year painting it, not working the whole time of course, only doing bits and pieces through out that time. The painting techniques I used to paint this model were fairly basic. I base coated, inked, then dry brushed for most of the pieces. I used citadel paints for the vast majority of the model, I used Gold Leaf from the Tamiya paint line for the brazier and the various censers around the bell’s structure. The base is made with cork board. I glued three layers together in the design I wanted, then Charles used his ban saw to cut it at an angle. This gives the model a ‘topsy-turvy’ feeling which I think highlights how little the Skaven care for their own safety.

[Grey seer shouting to the crew]: “Charge my minions! We gotta ramp that gully!”

I’m a huge fan of the Skaven faction and this model felt like a cap stone to my army. It feels so on theme for any list I make. Having it hurt as much, or more, than it helps is always a hilarious interaction. This was one of the last models I purchased for my army and I am very happy with how it turned out.