Mortarion – Primarch of the Death Guard

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Mortarion, Lord of Death, the Primarch of the Death Guard, and eventually the Prince of Decay. More than any other Primarch, Mortarion molded his legion to fit his own personal beliefs of how battles should be won. He had an indomitable determination, ever-advancing, even in the face of impossible odds. As Mortarion believed that victory can be justified by any means. Swift, terrifying, and steadfast, he led his Death Guard from world to world, doing what they do best, leaving only death and destruction in their wake. And that was all BEFORE they fell to Chaos! I do believe that this model portrays Mortarion as the deathbringer that he was, before his fall. I don’t really like his stance, and I really wish the model came with a version of his face with a re-breather.

This model also belongs to Kiel, who gave me a chance at this truly difficult task. The base turned out absolutely perfect, especially the piping! The piping was done with a Citadel Brass color, and I just made sure to not apply a perfect coat. Then I used the Citadel technical paints to apply rust and oxidization. The green-goo is actually the Citadel – Nurgles Rot – mixed with Citadel – Dark Angels Green. I painted Mortarion in the same way I painted Calas Typhon in terms of the bone-colored armor. The gold on this model is actually the new Citadel Gold that was released with the Age of Sigmar stuff… no inking necessary. His backpack was done in a similar matter as the piping was. The cape is just a simple splatter effect with a Stippling brush with Citadel – Nulan Oil – and – Agrax Earthshade.

Overall I’m not entirely happy with this one, but everyone tells me it looks great. I think it’s just “the artist’s eye.”

My Custom Fellblade Variant

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So what do you guys like more: Baneblades, or Fellblades? These moving gun platforms are some of the coolest models in Warhammer universe, which is why this one was particularly fun to build. The whole thing is magnetized, so that I can switch between the two Fellblade variants.

The Fellblade – x1 Twin Linked Fellblade Cannon, x1 Battle Cannon, x4 Twin Linked Lascannons, x1 Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

The Baal Fellblade – x1 Twin Linked Megabolter, x1 Battle Cannon, x3 Twin Linked Assault Cannons, x2 Twin Linked Heavy Flamers

This beautiful transformation could not have been possible, without the sculpts from Blood and Skulls Industries <– Link provided. If you are avid mod’er and want a challenge, I suggest taking a look at some of his stuff. It all doesn’t fit perfectly with the original 40k models, so there is some finagling work needed. This was an incredibly fun project, and I can’t wait until I’m done painting it, so I can show you all the finished product.

Angron – Primarch of the World Eaters

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Let’s talk about Angron. This piece was the first Horus Heresy model released by Forgeworld, and I personally think that no model has yet to beat Angron’s sculpt. Here you can see Angron tearing through loyalist marines of his own legion, literally running to the front lines, with his axes (Gorefather and Gorechild) cutting down anything that stands in his way. Leaping over the bodies of friends and foes alike, driven to an insatiable rage fueled by the Butchers Nails embedded into his skull. I absolutely love everything about this model, and I was very happy to have the chance to paint it.

This one actually belongs to my friend Mike, who let me paint Angron. Most of his body was done with the Tamiya – Gold Leaf – which I mentioned in an earlier post. The red was done in Citadel – Gore Red – and the other metallics were done in other Citadel colors. The base was especially fun to paint! After quickly painting up the marines, I just used a color pallet that paralleled pictures of the Istvann IV Dropsite Massacre that I’ve seen. And the blood effect… you guessed it! Citadel – Blood for the Blood God – which was so befittingly used on Angron, father of Khorne! In fact, I liked painting this model so much, I actually went back at least three or four times to complete other touch ups.

I’m really happy with it Mike, I hope you are too.

Typhon – First Captain of the Death Guard

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Before Typhus the Wanderer there was Calas Typhon, First Captain of the Death Guard. Completely unmatched in skill by his fellow Death Guard marines, he was quickly promoted to his rightful position among the chapter. I think this model was designed very well, as it shows many aspects of Typhon’s character. The Death Guard are characterized by their unnerving battle tactics, that is, unyieldingly closing the distance between them and their foe as an unstoppable wall of death. In his pose, Typhon is moving forward, one step at a time, keeping his balance with his Scythe which will one day become the Manreaper. Prowess and focus are two words that describe this model.

I painted Typhon for my friend Kiel, who was very impressed with the armor work. I was originally quite worried about how I was supposed to paint the dark greens, browns, metallics, and blacks over/around his bone-white armor. I wanted him to look well-kept, but slightly battle-worn. I also wanted to incorporate a little bit of rust and grime, possibly foreshadowing what is yet to come for Typhon. The white was actually three coats of drybrushing lighter and lighter shades of tan, over a base coat of white, which was inked with Citadel – Sepia – ink. The rest of the details were just painted in, with the blood affect owed to the new Citadel – Blood for the Blood God – paint.

I really wish Kiel would use this guy more in the games he plays… remember that Nurgle likes affection.

Ferrus Manus – Primarch of the Iron Hands

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I loved this model from the day it was released on Forgeworld’s site. I love the base, the pose, and just how it all came together. In this moment, Ferrus is on Istvann IV, battling the Emperors Children in a fight he will ultimately lose. But nonetheless he will fight with the Hammer forged by his enemy, to his last breath, steadfast and unyielding — much like his chapter. The model was designed to capture his movement in his swing, which is a awesome feature. I tried to do my best with making him look rugged, while still maintaining the aura of perfection that comes along with being a Primarch.

I painted this one for my friend Jay, who asked me to stick to a certain color pallet. He wanted it to fit in seamlessly with his already-painted Iron Hands army, and let me tell you… it really does. I kept the black paint flat, and highlighted where I could with some grays. I tried to make the flesh look as real as I could while incorporating the silver into his arms and hands. I even gave Ferrus a five o’clock shadow, which turned out better than I originally thought it would. Truthfully I wanted to pain the hammer to look a little more “fabulous” if you know what I mean, as it was technically forged by Fulgrim (Primarch of the Emperors Children). I still think that the model turned out beautiful, with the scattered bodies of both friend and foe on his base.

I know that Jay is very happy with his model, so I hope you guys like it.

Vulkan – Primarch of the Salamanders

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I think that this model was designed to have Vulkan literally just walking through a wall, to smite some unfortunate traitors on the other side. I do like the pose of this model, but I personally think he looks better without the “display base.” It’s just very cluttered. I really tried to capture the determination that is shown in Vulkan’s face, and his power, without making him look too cartoon-y because of the colors I would need to use.

This model I painted for my friend Alex, and I’m happy I had the chance to take on a project like this. Right up until the end, he looked like a Christmas tree… It was really because of the greens, reds, and gold. Painting the fires didn’t help that either, and I hope they don’t look too cartoon-y. Additionally, I originally wanted the cape to be a maroon color, but I thought that it would add too much red to the model. I decided to go with a bone color across all of the bones and scales, because Vulkan’s old… and his cape probably is too. The flesh has since decayed away, and the dragon scales on some leather are all that remains. As far as the Marines on the base, I wanted to make one a Salamander and one an Iron Warrior to showcase the battle on Istvann IV, where almost all of the Salamander’s chapter was lost. I used primarily Citadel paint, with the exception of the green, which was a Tamiya paint.

I hope you like it Alex.