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Who am I?
Aspiring Twitch Partner and Youtuber. I graduated college
(twice) with a degree in Media and Communications and one
for Computer Engineering. I’ve played Video Games since I
can remember starting on the NES and have played pretty
much every system since then.

What do I stream/Upload?
I stream a variety of games from RPGs to FPS’s to MOBAs.
I play pretty much whatever I get excited about, but I’m
always open to suggestions. My Youtube channel used to
just be edited streams, but I’m going to begin creating
custom content for the channel itself in Let’s Play and
Vlog format.

What you can expect from my Channels.
Usually, in stream, you can expect a pretty chill stream.
I like to relax when I play video games. Chat tends to be
talkative about a variety of different things and is pretty
inclusive. However, if I’m playing MOBAs (League or Overwatch),
expect some yelling, cursing and a LOT of salt. Just saying.