On the Chase Podcast Episode 6 – By Fire Be Burned

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the sixth episode of the On the Chase Podcast featuring Gerds, Sean, Lane, Andrew, and our newcomer Brendan! Today we will be talking about our first Friday night local event and what we played after a long and hard fought journey to AGP Richmond and then we continue on into our new segment that we’re pretty sure is called Brew Fest. I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that was the case. Anyway, as always if you have anything to comment on, please let us know. If you have a brew in mind that you would like us to tackle, feel free to leave us a suggestion in the comments below. Thanks for listening!

As always, if you would like to download an MP3 version of this podcast, please click the link below. Once you see the new audio player, right click it and select Save As and you’re good to go!

On the Chase Podcast Episode 6

On the Chase BASLG

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“RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Lane Richardson

Lane Richardson has been playing card games for the better part of 6 years and is a member of Team Twisted Fate. He always enjoys a good combo or midrange deck and will occasionally be referred to as "The Train"

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