Crimson Girl Blast

Hello everyone! I’m here this week with another brew. I was requested a few weeks ago to brew a Crimson Girl list and I was excited to do so.  I have always likes Crimson Girl and felt she had a lot of potential.  I really wanted to use the new Pricia in the deck because her with Crimson girl J-activated means 4x boost which is crazy.  I initially wanted to abuse banzai attack with small resonators for an explosive kill. Here was my first Crimson girl draft:

Crimson Girl in the Sky/Little Red, the True Fairy Tale

Crimson Girl

4 Familiar of Holy Wind
4 Elvish Priest
3 Ziz, the Bird that Envelops the Sky
3 Fruit of Yggdrasil
4 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon
3 Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding
1 Snow White, Valkyrie of passion
3 Magic Matchstick
4 Thunder
3 Refarth, the Castle in Heaven
4 Ame-No-Habakiri
2 Beastly Attack
2 Banzai Attack


4 Magic Stone of Moon Shade
4 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves
1 Little Red, the Pure Stone
1 Feethsing, the Holy Wind Stone


As I tested the deck there were several problems I ran into.  The first issue was the mana base.  The deck was evenly split between green and red.  The cards were also very greedy each requiring 2 red or green will to cast, which made it very difficult to cast cards on curve.  The second issue was the deck was fairly slow and had very little interaction.  The deck had a lot of trouble dealing with larger resonators and was very weak to removal.  I next tried running a mostly red deck with green for crimson girl and Pricia, but the deck still struggled as it had almost no interaction and was easily stopped.

After testing these different iterations, I decided to try a different take on the deck.  By playing Pricia and Ziz the deck was already going in a slower direction, so I decided to build the deck slower with a greater amount of interaction.  One card I have always wanted to brew with is Elizabeth.  She has a great amount of combo potential and the combination of her and crimson girl is really exciting.  I decided to put a small vampire package into the deck to support Elizabeth and the interaction in the deck.  Here is the next list I tried:

Crimson Girl in the Sky/Little Red, the True Fairy Tale

4 Elvish Priest
4 Ratatoskr, the Spirit Beast of Yggdrasil
3 Ziz, the Bird that Envelops the Sky
3 Lora, the Blood Seeker
3 Elizabeth, Shadow Princess of Blood
3 Fiethsing, the magus of Holy Wind
3 Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding
2 Carmilla, the Queen of Vampires
4 Scorn of Dark Alice
3 Stoning to Death
3 Refarth, the castle in Heaven
2 Spiral of Despair
3 The Beast Queen’s Counter Attack


2 Magic Stone of Darkness
1 Magic Stone of Wind
1 Magic Stone of Moon Shade
4 Magic Stone of Black Silence
1 Little Red, the Pure Stone
1 Feethsing, the Holy Wind Stone


The Resonators

Elvish Priest

These provide mana acceleration to play our resonators faster.  These allow us to play our three cost resonators on turn two, which helps the deck win faster.


This card was used mainly to protect Pricia from removal like Carmilla or Susano.  It also enabled our green resonators to be cast on our opponent’s turn which also helps them dodge removal.


Probably the best of all the resonators that have the evolve mechanic.  Turning into an 800/800 flyer is very good and he gets larger when Crimson Girl is J-activated


This was the main reason the deck was built.  She evolves our Ziz when she enters the field which is very good and she naturally givers herself a double power boos whenever she is pumped.  She goes into overdrive when Crimson Girl flips getting a 4x boost with any pump spell.


These gave us some protection against aggressive resonators.  Preventing damage from a resonator for a turn is helpful in buying time until we can assemble a large enough force to overwhelm our opponent.  She also provides mana acceleration allowing us to cast multiple spells in one turn.

Lora, Elizabeth, Carmilla

This was a small vampire package I put in the deck and it really over preformed.  Elizabeth was actually a much better win condition than Pricia and was able to quickly become giant one we J-Activated.  Carmilla gave the deck removal and a decent sized body to keep us alive against more aggressive decks.  Lora provided a way to find whatever vampire we need at the time.

Scorn, Spiral

The discard package of the deck, most decks I build with darkness in it have a discard package in them.  This is because discard is so powerful in this game.  It allows us to get rid of problem cards before they are problems and greatly limits the options our opponent has to play with.


This card is always great.  At instant speed it allows you to kill any resonator.  This card is great and I would have liked to play another copy in the deck


This allows us to J-Activate for free and gives a small boost to our team.  In a pinch, this gives any of our resonators an extra boost.

Beast Queen’s Counter Attack

This card surprised me in how powerful useful it was in this deck.  I acted as removal some of the time and was the main way Elizabeth killing chains were started.  I liked having this card in the deck and it has shown that it deserves a place in the deck.


This new iteration of the deck was a ton of fun to play and was surprisingly explosive.   I had several games where I killed my opponent in one turn using Elizabeth.  The interaction between Elizabeth and Little Red was amazing and extremely powerful. Being able to recover her and attack again with an added pump every time an opponent’s resonator dies is powerful ability. Compounding with the extra pump that Crimson Girl provides give the deck the capability to one turn kill opponents out of nowhere.

The biggest issue I had with the deck was it was a little slow. Unfortunately in this meta, the deck is just a little too slow to really be viable at a larger tournament but could be a fun option to play at your local store.  Moving forward I would probably cut some of the green and focus more on the vampires and disruption with the deck. I hope you enjoyed reading and keep your eye out for my next article here on Of Dice and Pens.


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