Druid Ramp! (So original)

2x [Innervate]
2x [Living Roots]
2x [Dragon Egg]
1x [Mark of the Wild]
2x [Power of the Wild]
2x [Wild Growth]
2x [Wrath]
2x [Savage Roar]
1x [Grove Tender]
1x [Silver Hand Regent]
1x [Soul of the Forest]
1x [Swipe]
1x [Keeper of the Grove]
2x [Violet Teacher]
2x [Nourish]
1x [Loatheb]
2x [Sludge Belcher]
2x [Force of Nature]
1x [Emperor Thaurissan]

I don’t think there is anything super special about this deck, but man is it fun to play. While it is an original list it is inspired by Day[9]’s deck which he used a number of weeks ago. I don’t play too often, but this deck gives me a pretty good win percentage as well as being super fun. [Violet Teacher] is a more recent addition to my collection and she fits right into this deck. She makes every spell better because each [Violet Apprentice] enters play before the spell resolves. [Soul of the Forest] isn’t a terribly good card, but it is a favorite of mine and [Violet Teacher] makes it playable.

I don’t know what changes I’ll make when I get more cards, but I’m thinking of either adding more cards to activate the [Dargon Egg]s or removing them in favor of another 1 drop. This is my favorite deck to play right now though, at least until I pull a [Justicar Trueheart] and make a truly ‘inspirational’ deck.

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