Mortarion – Primarch of the Death Guard

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Mortarion, Lord of Death, the Primarch of the Death Guard, and eventually the Prince of Decay. More than any other Primarch, Mortarion molded his legion to fit his own personal beliefs of how battles should be won. He had an indomitable determination, ever-advancing, even in the face of impossible odds. As Mortarion believed that victory can be justified by any means. Swift, terrifying, and steadfast, he led his Death Guard from world to world, doing what they do best, leaving only death and destruction in their wake. And that was all BEFORE they fell to Chaos! I do believe that this model portrays Mortarion as the deathbringer that he was, before his fall. I don’t really like his stance, and I really wish the model came with a version of his face with a re-breather.

This model also belongs to Kiel, who gave me a chance at this truly difficult task. The base turned out absolutely perfect, especially the piping! The piping was done with a Citadel Brass color, and I just made sure to not apply a perfect coat. Then I used the Citadel technical paints to apply rust and oxidization. The green-goo is actually the Citadel – Nurgles Rot – mixed with Citadel – Dark Angels Green. I painted Mortarion in the same way I painted Calas Typhon in terms of the bone-colored armor. The gold on this model is actually the new Citadel Gold that was released with the Age of Sigmar stuff… no inking necessary. His backpack was done in a similar matter as the piping was. The cape is just a simple splatter effect with a Stippling brush with Citadel – Nulan Oil – and – Agrax Earthshade.

Overall I’m not entirely happy with this one, but everyone tells me it looks great. I think it’s just “the artist’s eye.”

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  1. Definitely being your own worst critic, this is probably my favorite model paint wise. That base color is pure awesome and the whole color scheme blends so well together it really makes it look like it was simply made that way, nothing painted.

    I’d like to see a whole squad in that color, it would really stand out imo.

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