Typhon – First Captain of the Death Guard

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Before Typhus the Wanderer there was Calas Typhon, First Captain of the Death Guard. Completely unmatched in skill by his fellow Death Guard marines, he was quickly promoted to his rightful position among the chapter. I think this model was designed very well, as it shows many aspects of Typhon’s character. The Death Guard are characterized by their unnerving battle tactics, that is, unyieldingly closing the distance between them and their foe as an unstoppable wall of death. In his pose, Typhon is moving forward, one step at a time, keeping his balance with his Scythe which will one day become the Manreaper. Prowess and focus are two words that describe this model.

I painted Typhon for my friend Kiel, who was very impressed with the armor work. I was originally quite worried about how I was supposed to paint the dark greens, browns, metallics, and blacks over/around his bone-white armor. I wanted him to look well-kept, but slightly battle-worn. I also wanted to incorporate a little bit of rust and grime, possibly foreshadowing what is yet to come for Typhon. The white was actually three coats of drybrushing lighter and lighter shades of tan, over a base coat of white, which was inked with Citadel – Sepia – ink. The rest of the details were just painted in, with the blood affect owed to the new Citadel – Blood for the Blood God – paint.

I really wish Kiel would use this guy more in the games he plays… remember that Nurgle likes affection.

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