My Custom Fellblade Variant

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So what do you guys like more: Baneblades, or Fellblades? These moving gun platforms are some of the coolest models in Warhammer universe, which is why this one was particularly fun to build. The whole thing is magnetized, so that I can switch between the two Fellblade variants.

The Fellblade – x1 Twin Linked Fellblade Cannon, x1 Battle Cannon, x4 Twin Linked Lascannons, x1 Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

The Baal Fellblade – x1 Twin Linked Megabolter, x1 Battle Cannon, x3 Twin Linked Assault Cannons, x2 Twin Linked Heavy Flamers

This beautiful transformation could not have been possible, without the sculpts from Blood and Skulls Industries <– Link provided. If you are avid mod’er and want a challenge, I suggest taking a look at some of his stuff. It all doesn’t fit perfectly with the original 40k models, so there is some finagling work needed. This was an incredibly fun project, and I can’t wait until I’m done painting it, so I can show you all the finished product.

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