Angron – Primarch of the World Eaters

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Let’s talk about Angron. This piece was the first Horus Heresy model released by Forgeworld, and I personally think that no model has yet to beat Angron’s sculpt. Here you can see Angron tearing through loyalist marines of his own legion, literally running to the front lines, with his axes (Gorefather and Gorechild) cutting down anything that stands in his way. Leaping over the bodies of friends and foes alike, driven to an insatiable rage fueled by the Butchers Nails embedded into his skull. I absolutely love everything about this model, and I was very happy to have the chance to paint it.

This one actually belongs to my friend Mike, who let me paint Angron. Most of his body was done with the Tamiya – Gold Leaf – which I mentioned in an earlier post. The red was done in Citadel – Gore Red – and the other metallics were done in other Citadel colors. The base was especially fun to paint! After quickly painting up the marines, I just used a color pallet that paralleled pictures of the Istvann IV Dropsite Massacre that I’ve seen. And the blood effect… you guessed it! Citadel – Blood for the Blood God – which was so befittingly used on Angron, father of Khorne! In fact, I liked painting this model so much, I actually went back at least three or four times to complete other touch ups.

I’m really happy with it Mike, I hope you are too.

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