Imperial Fists Showcase

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There’s a funny story behind this squad actually… You see, I have tritanopia, which you may know as blue-yellow colorblindness. But what that means to me is: I can’t see yellow. So you could imagine that painting up some Imperial Fists would be quite the challenge for me, right? Well let me tell you, it was.

A long long time ago one of the GW players (Ben) at my store asked me to paint his Imperial Fist sergeant, and so I did. Ben went on to tell me “the color is off… it’s too brown…” So off I went to paint it again, and this time “Now it’s too orange… that’s not the right color at all.” So I did it one more time, and “well it’s probably the closest your going to get.” And that was the end of that. I hadn’t tried painting an Imperial Fist or any yellow model for that matter since.

Years pass, and and the manager at my store asks me to paint up a squad of Spaces Marines (the new box) for Free Comic Book Day in May 2015, a week before the day. I took a GW player poll as to what I should paint the squad as, and well… you guessed it. Everyone wanted to see some FISTS! So off I went, to conqueror the yellow! Construction took all of 2 hours, and then I primed them black. Yes you read that right, black. After that, it was coat, after coat, after coat of variations of yellows (at least that’s what the paint vials said). I painted this squad in a total of 16-18 hours after priming them, and I think they turned out just fine.

My two favorite parts about these models are the glow effects on the guns, and the VII printed on the knee pads. I hope you all think they look awesome, cause I’m not doing it again.

Charles Muscarella

Therapist by day, game enthusiast by night! Participated in the MLG scenes for both the Halo series and Day of Defeat, for the better part of a decade. An avid Games-Workshop hobbyist and gamer since the late 90's. Worked at a comic book store for about 10 years, with plans to maybe build one up from the ground one day.

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