Skaven Models Showcase

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Skaven are so much fun to paint! Mostly because I’m just imagining the crazy antics that make them Skaven while I’m painting them… much like the Orks. It helps with painting them, when you incorporate those imaginative aspects into your work.

Snikch was a very cool model, with him tri-wielding poison blades. I painted him first of these three, and I tried to go for a more cartoon-y look, in contrast to how I usually paint. I liked how it turned out, so I went full-out-cartoon-y on the Warpfire Thrower. My favorite part of that model was the barrel… oh yeah, and the little flaming rat. Then I moved onto Ikit Claw, which I painted more like my normal painting style (more realistic). I even modded his warpfire thrower from a Possessed Chaos Marine arm. Turned out pretty good I think.

Thanks again to Mike, for letting me paint more of his Skaven stuff!

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