Vulkan – Primarch of the Salamanders

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I think that this model was designed to have Vulkan literally just walking through a wall, to smite some unfortunate traitors on the other side. I do like the pose of this model, but I personally think he looks better without the “display base.” It’s just very cluttered. I really tried to capture the determination that is shown in Vulkan’s face, and his power, without making him look too cartoon-y because of the colors I would need to use.

This model I painted for my friend Alex, and I’m happy I had the chance to take on a project like this. Right up until the end, he looked like a Christmas tree… It was really because of the greens, reds, and gold. Painting the fires didn’t help that either, and I hope they don’t look too cartoon-y. Additionally, I originally wanted the cape to be a maroon color, but I thought that it would add too much red to the model. I decided to go with a bone color across all of the bones and scales, because Vulkan’s old… and his cape probably is too. The flesh has since decayed away, and the dragon scales on some leather are all that remains. As far as the Marines on the base, I wanted to make one a Salamander and one an Iron Warrior to showcase the battle on Istvann IV, where almost all of the Salamander’s chapter was lost. I used primarily Citadel paint, with the exception of the green, which was a Tamiya paint.

I hope you like it Alex.

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