Skaven – Hellpit Abomination

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If ever there was a model that was more fun to paint! This one takes the cake. I offered to paint this model for my friend Mike, who was just beginning construction of it at the time. It looked like a great chance for me to work on my flesh tones, as well as the “glow” effect for the Warp Stones. And honestly, how could I pass up the chance to paint something so grotesque, and cool!

The first thing I did was paint the entire model the flesh color that you see in these pictures, and from there just did the detail work. The flesh color is actually a combination of red, black, two different tans, white, and the classic Citadel “Rotting Flesh” color. First was a base coat, then the inking, and then the dry-brushing… all with the mixed color described above. The bone parts are bone colored, and the Warp Stones are the old Citadel “Scorpion Green” color, with some green-white highlights. The blood is actually just done with one color — Red Ink. The old Citadel “Red Ink.” The older Citadel inks all dried glossy, so the blood still looks wet. It’s one of my favorite parts about this model.

Thanks for the chance to paint this awesome Skaven model!

Charles Muscarella

Therapist by day, game enthusiast by night! Participated in the MLG scenes for both the Halo series and Day of Defeat, for the better part of a decade. An avid Games-Workshop hobbyist and gamer since the late 90's. Worked at a comic book store for about 10 years, with plans to maybe build one up from the ground one day.

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