Horus – Primarch of the Sons of Horus

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With this paint-job, I wanted to showcase the sovereignty of the Warmaster Horus. I wanted to keep his armor and weapons clean, to show where Horus’ true location in a battle was. He was the mastermind behind the Great Heresy, and named Warmaster for his strategic genius in battle. Horus was stern, powerful, and commanded respect. He was not always on the front lines, but was responsible for leading the Legions of Space Marines into war, and rightfully so is his pose — forward. The model was beautifully designed as to have the ruins of an Imperial City under his boots. In this way, one could paint him as the Primarch of the Luna Wolves as he defends the world. Or one could paint him as a true Lord of Chaos, as a heretic, standing on the ruins he created. As a Luna Wolf, Horus’ armor was almost completely silver, with the iconic eyes that create a stark contrast. As the Heretic, his armor was black, with gold edgings and filigree.

I choose neither… I wanted to do something different with Horus, and I loved the Sons of Horus color scheme. It’s a lot like the Tomb Kings: turquoise, deep red, and gold. Beautiful colors when used together. Not to mention — Horus — Egyptian themed name… so yeah. Most of the model was painted with Citadel paints, except for the gold. The gold is actually Tamiya paint – Gold Leaf. It chips a lot, but it goes on beautifully. Just needed a finish, and it was perfect. I painted the stairs to look like sandstone, and the eagle to look like regular stone… nothing special there. The blood effect was done with a stippling brush, just to add a little more color to the base.

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