Ferrus Manus – Primarch of the Iron Hands

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I loved this model from the day it was released on Forgeworld’s site. I love the base, the pose, and just how it all came together. In this moment, Ferrus is on Istvann IV, battling the Emperors Children in a fight he will ultimately lose. But nonetheless he will fight with the Hammer forged by his enemy, to his last breath, steadfast and unyielding — much like his chapter. The model was designed to capture his movement in his swing, which is a awesome feature. I tried to do my best with making him look rugged, while still maintaining the aura of perfection that comes along with being a Primarch.

I painted this one for my friend Jay, who asked me to stick to a certain color pallet. He wanted it to fit in seamlessly with his already-painted Iron Hands army, and let me tell you… it really does. I kept the black paint flat, and highlighted where I could with some grays. I tried to make the flesh look as real as I could while incorporating the silver into his arms and hands. I even gave Ferrus a five o’clock shadow, which turned out better than I originally thought it would. Truthfully I wanted to pain the hammer to look a little more “fabulous” if you know what I mean, as it was technically forged by Fulgrim (Primarch of the Emperors Children). I still think that the model turned out beautiful, with the scattered bodies of both friend and foe on his base.

I know that Jay is very happy with his model, so I hope you guys like it.

Charles Muscarella

Therapist by day, game enthusiast by night! Participated in the MLG scenes for both the Halo series and Day of Defeat, for the better part of a decade. An avid Games-Workshop hobbyist and gamer since the late 90's. Worked at a comic book store for about 10 years, with plans to maybe build one up from the ground one day.

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