The Balrog

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Behold the terror of the dweller in the dark!

This is a Balrog LotR model which I use as a Daemon Prince for my Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marines army.

The paint job was relatively easy for this model. I got a brigh orange spray paint and primed the model off of the base. The coat was uneven and runny, which turned out really in my favor in the end. After the paint dried I did a heavy dry brushed coat of black, careful not to mute the orange too much. Then I put layers of gray getting lighter with each coat. That was pretty much it! The fire effects I did a slight yellow dry brush on to get the highlights, and then I moved on to the base. I put thick coats of gray down for the stone and dry brushed layers of lighter grays on top. After, I did the details on the shield and skull on the base, and dry brushed orange-red around for the glow from the fire. The final step was painting the rim black and assembling the piece.


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